We mainly design and make molds for pipe-processing.
Molds for metal plates,welding jigs,inspection jigs and perforating jigs are also our speciality.
We design press molds considering plastic deformation, machining tolerance.
Structure designs are made with 3 dimensional CAD system and data for
processing is done with 3DNC program.
In addition to press molds,we handle welding jigs and inspection jigs from beginning to end
We make mold parts by processing with machining centers,wire cuts,NC fraises and NC
lathes based on data designed with CAD/CAM
After machining, molds are given a surface finish and assembled. Lastly, we conduct a press
test to make final adjustments.
We use SAEILO JAPAN 3 dimensional CAD/CAM
Φstation as software.
A data conversion is processed by the direct
interface and it realizes to make the most
suitable data in a short time.